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Caring for You

A workshop on resilience, connection, and purpose--pulling on the sanctuary model, polyvagal theory, and storytelling-- for teachers and youth workers in NYC. 

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The Poetics of Grief

Join me for a session on grief and the limits of language at the Center for Small Town Jewish Life's Fall Shabbaton at Colby College in Waterville, Maine.


Network Gathering

A moment to look back and look forward as CGN officially transitions into a program of Reimagine, a community-driven nonprofit dedicated to transforming the world by facing loss, death, and adversity together. 8pm EST.


The Trauma Informed Classroom

A workshop, co-led with Katherine Evering-Rowe, for the Food Ed Hub at Teacher's College, Columbia University

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A convocation for Centre College, titled, "Pandemic Grief: Ambiguous Loss and Meaning-Making in the Time of COVID-19"

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Shababa is an open, musical space where toddlers are encouraged to be who they are and grow at their own pace, hosted by Wise Temple in Cincinnati

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Being with Grief Class Series

A 6-session class series for the Center for Small Town Jewish Life on showing up for mourners in your community. 

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Yom Kippur
Nap Time

Come rest!  Bring a blanket or pillow and let me and Ilana Lerman sing you to sleep with lullabies, nigunim, psalms and song.  Let’s prepare and reconstitute for Ne’ilah together. @ Kol Tzedek in Philadelphia.

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Online Meditation

Join me for a 30 minute sit hosted by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality at 12:30pm EST

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Meditation Retreat

A weekend, in-person residential meditation retreat at Urban Adamah in Berkeley, CA

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Online Meditation

Join me for a 30 minute sit hosted by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality at 12:30pm EST

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Class Series: Service of the Heart

A five session series on the ins and outs of contemplative Jewish prayer leadership, with Urban Adamah

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Young Adult Grief Retreat

An in-person, residential weekend grief retreat for folks in their 20s and 30s who've lost parents, siblings, partners, and dear friends. @ Urban Adamah in Berkeley, CA.



A songful, meditative selichot service at Kol Tzedek in Philadelphia, online and in person, at 9:30pm EST

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Song, Soul, & Society

A conversation on learning, unlearning, and transforming grief in community, with Awakin

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Passover Seder

Celebrating liberation with the students, faculty, and staff of Centre College. Folks of all faiths and none warmly welcome.

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High Holidays

Join me for an (in-person!) Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur at Congregation Anshe Emeth in Piqua, OH

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Faiths in Mourning Panel

Join the Jewish Museum of Maryland (and me, as moderator) for an interfaith panel on the ways expressions of grief have been restricted during covid, and how faith leaders are adapting their traditions.


Grief & Mutual Aid

Join me for a brief talk on the COVID Grief Network during Shabbat services at Temple Sinai, a progressive congregation in Brookline, MA!


Young Grief Webinar

Join the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab for a webinar on spiritual care, young adult grief, and mutual aid in the COVID-19 era.

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A 3-week online program for growing your food and ag skills, building community, and diving into Jewish spirituality, with Hazon & Adamah.

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Community Organizing 101

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Tisha B'Av

A workshop with JOIN for Justice for USY, on building a powerful story, campaign, and base to tackle big issues.

A sensory carnival for Sukkot, the holiday marking years of wandering and temporary shelters, hosted by Judaism Unbound.

Join Urban Adamah & Kehilla Community Synagogue for an evening of prayer, reckoning, and mourning in commemoration of Tisha B’Av, a holy day that invites us into grief.

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Kabbalat Shabbat

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Virtual Grief Retreat

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Uniquely Equipped, Uniquely Unsettled

Celebrate Shabbat with a virtual service led by Urban Adamah & Wilderness Torah. Join us for song, poetry, meditation, and prayer to lift our spirits as we step into our day of rest.

Join us as we build community among 20- and 30-somethings who’ve experienced the loss of a sibling, parent, partner, or dear friend.

Join The Dinner Party for a night of art-making and reflection on how this year is hitting those of us who know big loss.

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