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meditation is a

practice that invites

the mind to see &

notice what is here


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After practicing mindfulness meditation for a decade--and sitting dozens of week-long silent retreats and three longer, extended retreats in both the U.S. and Asia--meditation has come to be a cornerstone of my spiritual life. I love to teach meditation workshops, classes, and retreats, and to incorporate mindfulness into my chaplaincy work with those who are ill and dying, and those who care for them.


Most of my practice has been in the Vipassana lineage practiced at Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts and Spirit Rock in California, as well as the style of Mahasi Sayadaw, which I encountered at Kyaswa Monastery in Myanmar. I also love incorporating mindfulness meditation into the rhythm of shabbat, and sharing Jewish mindfulness insights, drawn from Torah and Hasidic traditions.


Check out a couple of my guided meditations for the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, below. 

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