virtual avodat lev

Join me and Urban Adamah for song, silence, and poetry in community. 

Streamed on JewishLive

grief retreats

Building immersive, weekend communities of young adults who have lost parents, siblings, partners, and dear friends.

transformative containers

What are the elements of a strong container for transformative group experiences? Drawing from game,  performance, & ritual studies, I offer some suggestions. 

Singing Circle.jpg

living labs

Creating transformative learning experiences for Harvard graduate students around big, shared, alive questions. 

Funded by Operation Impact & the Harvard Initiative for Learning and 


Creative, engaging trainings for orgs and audiences of all kinds.



covid grief network

Connecting young adults grieving the illness or death of someone close with COVID-19 to free one-on-one support--and with each other.

cards & zines


Ten Grief Rituals

an illustrated how-to booklet for 10 DIY grief rituals

grief poems zine image.jpg

Grief Poems

poems on grief, set to watercolor images

Hi Dad Everywhere

narrative about the week after my dad died


Sympathy cards that don't suck

Cards with envelopes.